Tuesday, November 9, 2010


normality speaks crap....
I want to be abnormal..
I don't give a crap what people say about me..
all I care is about my own heart..
I've had enough crap of taking people's heart..
they don't give a fuck about my feelings..
they dares to treat me like a crap..
now let me get back to my business..
now everyone who dares to give a fuck, I will give them thumbs up as a sign of their own stupidity..
what they really cared about is their money and hoping they could brag about the things they could buy..
YES I came from a family that's not complete, but i think I've live my life to the fullest even as an incomplete family..
so I hope whoever reads this please open your eyes and see world with stereoscopic vision..
don't look like a cyclop..
all the things that you brag about does not take you anywhere..
but to me EDUCATION is the most important aspect that people would like to emphasise nowadays..
even in an incomplete family, she tried her best to give education..

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