Tuesday, November 30, 2010

open up..

yeahh now why do you wonder why people kept talking bout you..
it's becoz of your attitude..
let me say..
the one's who are blessed is your dad..
not you..
if your pocket is as big as your mouth then, do as you wish..
maybe i do not have the luxuries that you've experienced
but bear in mind..
i had never wanted to be like you..
let me be just a normal person living on earth..
let you be boasting about how great you are...
and i don't mind at all..
becoz all you cared is about your life on the fab lane..
you've been blinded by the life that you've ever wanted to experience...
well you've forgotten bout the people below n yet you've stepped on us..
well fuck off hypocrites n backstabbers..

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