Sunday, January 2, 2011

mortified and stupefied by numbers.

          Well 2010 has already left a mark that made my life swapped and turned upside-down..
1. Travel all across Malaysia with my mom
2. Had a wonderful raya at kuantan with all my cousins.
3. SPM result was not as I hoped.
4. KTT and the first few months was like pffttt..but then it went good and i enjoyed it here..
5. Knowing the hardship of living alone.
6. Had my first failure in life.
7. had the first KTM ride ever.
8. Felt the hardship of travelling 'balik kampung'.
9. Lots of swears had left my mouth and I'm not proud at all
10. Tried 'ketupat sotong' in Terengganu and ended up shitting up till' the end of journey.

Hopefully 2011 will be nice on me. opes and dream? Well

1. 15 points for AS.
2. Quit swearing and substitute with motivational words.
3. Call my mom everyday.
4. Start saving money.
5. Persuade my mom so I can go and see my sister.
6. Take my mom to penang. All-expenses-paid trip.
7. Go to Korea with my housemates
8. Buy my mom a book everytime I go home.
9. Cherish for each day I've lived.
10. Never leaving the solat.

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