Wednesday, September 15, 2010

angry mood..!!

i know that you may think i came from somewhere no good...
i grew up in a condition that was never complete..
i was a deserted child..
i may not have anything that you may had..
hey bitch i have anything i ever wanted and there is no difference between you and i...
please for the motherfucker's sake open up your goddamn eyes..
being an orphan does not make me crimpled and so narrow-minded like you..
maybe your brain that needs to be fixed..
i admit i'm the one causing problems..
but then do you need to make up the issue..??
should you be the fucking one..??
yeaahhh i know that you came from a perfect family..
complete with a fucking parents..
a fucking happy family..
but does that mean you r a fucking happy child..??
maybe someone did not get enough love as a bitchy lil' child...
that's why selalu nak cari pasal tak tentu pasal..
if you did not get enough attention go and fuck a whore in front of a mall laa..!!
yeahh my body is fat, filthy...
you came froma family that can affor a cologne..
yeaahh that makes you a license to fucking look down on people like me...
fuck you n your whole god damn family..!!

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