Friday, June 25, 2010

20 things to do b4 i turn 35..

1. travel at least to 10 different countries.
2. become at least a general surgeon..
3. buy a huge mac 4 my room..
4. own a house in TTDI or damansara..
5.  clean my house independently..
6. rear a persian cat..
7. own a beemer or audi...
8. finish paying my study loan n house loan..
9. buy my mom a JAGUAR XF-1..
10. belanja my sis a 4 course meal in hilton hotel..hehe
11. have a clinic or private practice in the making..
12. taking my mum to haj..
13. have at least 10 gold bars and at least RM150,000 of fixed deposit..
14. owning 2 houses..and one of them must be a penthouse..haha
15. owning gibson les paul's red-black flying V
16. trying at least 5 recipes from my mom's sacred cookbook..
17. going back to taiping twice a month..
18. hanging out with my cousins even we're busy..
19. make my own 'lemang' during hari raya and learn how to 'anyam ketupat'...
20. at least get a clearer min about malaysian politics


Cik Nad said...

haha~ tak capai siap kau!
asal nak audi.. bukan best pun..

Bedroom Sanctuary said...

ak amik audi R8 weh..
sports car..mwahahaha...

NAjahSan said...

yg num 5 tuh agak errr.. haha :P

Bedroom Sanctuary said...
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Bedroom Sanctuary said...

mase kt uma ak dulu xpenah pun kemas umah..
mak ak salu kate.."aidil, kalau cuci pun xbape nk bersih bek xyah buat...meh bak sini mama buat laa..lg cpt.."
tu la smpi skag ak xamik taw pasl cuci umah..hahaha