Monday, May 31, 2010

my typical day @ home...

6.30 a.m: bgn pagi, gosok gigi, subuh n the main ritual, TIDO BALEK..haha
9.30a.m: make a cuppa milo, breakfast, the daily look-the-front-page of newspaper..
10.00a.m off to the t.v and watch the t.v until 12.00p.m
12.00 pm: start my online life till lunch...
1.00 p.m: lunch with my family or out to get some lunch..
2.00p.m: off to get some nap..not that kind of nap..haha
5.00p.m: off to the damned tv again..
8.00p.m: watch the news..
8.15 p.m: online life starts..
9.30p.m: back to the damned tv..
late night: off to sleep..

yeahh i know that i lived quite a simple life..hahaha

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